Michael Bang

Michael Bang has almost 30 years of international business experience, from logistic to retail trade and B2B, within the office products industry, the furniture trade and health care business.
During the last 15 years, Michael has focused on innovation and business development in the international office product industry, retail business and graphic market, as well as in segments such as toys, hobby, arts and craft and promotional products.
Michael Bang was ”born global” and has often been the driver in getting people with different cultures, technical or educational background to work together in teams.
His constant “itch” for making things better and different, combined with a true innovative spirit, is the cornerstone of his ability to develop any organisation or company.

Located in the centre of Denmark, in the birthtown of Hans Christian Andersen, he has easy access to all of Europe, whether that being north, south, east or west.

Peter Gotfredsen

Peter Gotfredsen has 25 years of experience with international trade, product development and production, primarily within the office products industry.
He has been travelling more than 50 countries in 6 continents establishing sale to both the distributor and retail segment. Beside that he has participated in establishing production sites in several different countries.
Peter has a vast experience with selling and purchasing especially in the Far Eastern countries, where he also in periods have lived himself.
These many years of experience in Asia, and especially China, has given him an in-depth understanding of possibilities and things to avoid in terms of sale, production, purchasing and outsourcing.

Björn Carlsen

Björn Carlson is a “Seasoned International” with 25+ years of experience with multi-national corporations in the paper products, furniture, building products and office products industries. Björn has held senior positions in sales, operations, general management and at the director level in several European countries as well as in the USA.
For the last 7 years Björn has been active in the international office products industry developing successful concepts and marketing programs primarily for northern and north-eastern European markets.
Björn has the necessary understanding, knowledge and drive required to succeed in the varying business and social environment across nations and cultures. With a firm belief that good business always should be results-oriented, but combined with both friendship and respect, he has developed a strong international network of resources including customers, suppliers and facilitators.

We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.
Max DePree