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Bang & Co Aps is a small consulting company that solves analytical and practical tasks within international business development. We call it hands-on business development.

Do you need to get started with exports, or do you think that there are still development opportunities in customers or markets, but cannot fully exploit the potential. Or do you have a need for a market research or competitor analysis done in an exporting country, then we can be your flexible resource. Likewise, if you just want to test whether your product has potential in another country, and need a short-term sales resource or interim sales manager, we can help.

Should your website be made international and SEO friendly in another language, well then we also have the tools for this.

We love the challenges of having to build business that is challenged by differences and getting these to yield results.


Our services

Export Help

If you want to get started with exports, but do not want to risk the entire business by having to hire permanent export sellers etc, a flexible resource like us can be the best start, and assurance that your investment does not run wild.

We analyse the market and together we make a hands-on plan that focuses on getting revenue, as well as assurance that success can be created in the export market.

Competitor Market Analysis

If you would like to have a better insight into an export market both before or before starting an export, it would be a good idea to do both a competitor and / or market analysis.

Should your product or services be adapted to the international market or customers, it will be a good idea to know this from the start, as this saves resources in both short and long term.

It could also be that you want to start a subsidiary in another country, but are unsure of local conditions for this, and a short analysis can prevent many mistakes before you throw yourself into this.

Digital Assignments 

Websites and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be very different from country to country.

The world is becoming more and more global every day, and yet the differences between the individual countries and cultures are more important than ever before. What applies to a customer in France is properly not the same for one in Germany.

We have worked with many cultures and have a toolbox for international SEO, which means that you can save a lot of money and resources for Google Adwords and marketing spend if you want to raise awareness internationally.

    Your Flexible Resource

    If you need a flexible sales resource or, for example, an interim sales manager or just a little coaching for your sales department for a shorter period, we can help with this.

    We love challenges that must result in increased sales and earnings for your company, and if there is an international dimension to this, it is even better.

    We are also happy to help you get your sales or marketing strategy made or optimized.

    In short "your success is our motivation"

    About Bang & Co

    Michael Bang has almost 30 years of international business experience from logistics to retail and B2B in the office, furniture, healthcare and HoReCa industries.

    For the more than 20 years he has worked with innovation and business development in many international segments.

    He has started and managed companies in the USA, UK, Germany and has often been the "driver" in getting people with different cultures, technical or educational backgrounds to work together.

    His constant "itching" to make things better and different, combined with a real entrepreneurial spirit, is a cornerstone of development for any organization or company.